Artist Run Workshops in Schools

Preferred Age Groups
All ages
Maximum Group Size
Workshop Proposals
Carving both in stone and wood, creating small and large-scale sculptures with students.
Education / Qualifications
MA Hons Printmaking Royal College of Art
BA Hons Fine Art Preston Polytechnic
Work Experience
Workshops, teaching & residencies:-
Crosshill Special School - Blackburn
Falmouth School of Art
North East London Polytechnic
Drumcroon Art Centre - Wigan
Laing Art Gallery - Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
City Art Gallery - Manchester
William Morris Gallery - London
Walsall Museum & Art Galleries
The Spastic Society, Kyre Park, Worcester
The Tate Gallery - Liverpool
Llanelli Festival, South Wales
Kirkham School - Preston
University of Lancashire
States Educational Council - Guernsey
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