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Workshop Category: Sculpture
Casting, Installations, Plaster, Clay, Stone carving, Wood carving, Recycling, Willow, Paper, Fabric.
Marilyn Collins - more info
Modelling, mould making, casting, construction. 1) Water feature workshop: Introduction to Londons hidden waterways and where they run in the neighbourhood of the school. Using recycled materials. 2) Figures in Action: Figurative sculpture using brush and various shaped wood donated by tree surgeons. 3) Cardboard sculptures: Cardboard boxes are cut, shaped, glued, taped and collaged into sculptural shapes. 4) Breezeblock relief sculpture: Sculptural reliefs are modelled and cast.
Martyn Barratt - more info
Sculpture workshops using materials collected from the area around the school exploring the identity of the school and its pupils, both as a community and as individuals through looking at landscape and the built environment.

Realisation of a sculpture carved in wood and/or stone. Produced through group participation with conceptual and practical input from students at all times throughout design/development.
Michelle Reader - more info
Recycled sculptures and installations. Human figures, animals, monsters, cardboard cities and shadow sculptures. Workshops tailored to suit a variety of age groups and themes.
Mo Gardner - more info
Stone carving. Carving heads from 'celcon' blocks which are very easy to carve enable pupils to benefit from carving techniques and the use of tools and see instant results.
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