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Workshop Category: Sculpture
Casting, Installations, Plaster, Clay, Stone carving, Wood carving, Recycling, Willow, Paper, Fabric.
Maggie Campbell - more info
Three dimensional sculpture workshops to suit upper primary and secondary age groups using willow and wet-stretched tissue paper to produce any shape or form, figurative or abstract, large or small. Sculptural Playground Seat. 6 day workshop for all ages to produce a playground seat using clay, concrete and wood.
Maria Hayes - more info
Painter. Painting, mural, sculpture, printmaking, theatre workshops to suit any age group in response to the groups & teachers requirements.
Marilyn Collins - more info
Modelling, mould making, casting, construction. 1) Water feature workshop: Introduction to Londons hidden waterways and where they run in the neighbourhood of the school. Using recycled materials. 2) Figures in Action: Figurative sculpture using brush and various shaped wood donated by tree surgeons. 3) Cardboard sculptures: Cardboard boxes are cut, shaped, glued, taped and collaged into sculptural shapes. 4) Breezeblock relief sculpture: Sculptural reliefs are modelled and cast.
Martyn Barratt - more info
Sculpture workshops using materials collected from the area around the school exploring the identity of the school and its pupils, both as a community and as individuals through looking at landscape and the built environment.

Realisation of a sculpture carved in wood and/or stone. Produced through group participation with conceptual and practical input from students at all times throughout design/development.
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