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Workshop Category: Sculpture
Casting, Installations, Plaster, Clay, Stone carving, Wood carving, Recycling, Willow, Paper, Fabric.
Jo Saunders - more info
Textile & soft sculpture. Workshops designed to a theme enabling pupils to produce a textile sculpture whilst experimenting with colour, texture and form.
John Pitt - more info
Text & Image A workshop for any group, but adapted to age range. Examining the use of text in the world, graffiti, signs, memorials etc. Making text from everyday objects in 3D. Exploring how text can evoke emotion. Sculpture First using drawing to see how ideas can be put into a space. Reducing the complexity of a drawing to constituent parts. Drawing other children/adults in group and exploring how to see them as objects. Using the drawings as a basis to create a sculpture of a head. Types of head natural & idealized. Making heads in solid form
Joy Pirkle - more info
Portraiture skills workshops and sculpture.
Karen Hawkins - more info
Installation For A Play: Takes the form of a backdrop and set for a school play. The design is developed from abstract drawings based on aspects of the plot, using paint and 3D cardboard sculpture. Cacti Furniture/Plant People/3D Textiles: This project approaches the design process from a highly experimental angle, encouraging drawing and gathering ideas in an unusual way from using plant forms as source material. Forms, textures and assemblage techniques are developed through experimentation using limited materials. This may lead to individual or collaborative work.
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