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Paper Making


Simon Pollock

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Workshop Category: Multimedia
Mask making, Puppetry, Collage, Mosaics, Found objects, Environmental art, Kite making.
Suzanna Pye - more info
Plaster of Paris casting. Creating casts of childrenís hands using damp sand moulds and plaster of Paris.
Suzannah Dafforn - more info
Natural history based sculpture workshops for primary age groups concentrating on making insect forms from clay, wire, beads, foils and metals.
Tony Stallard - more info
4-day site-specific digital manipulation artwork workshops for 6th Form groups using digital cameras and photo manipulation using photoshop computer software. 4-day workshop for 6th Form groups aimed at creating pieces of artwork to compete for an in-school 'Turner Prize'. Students are encouraged to create a piece of art of their own choice at their own free will with any materials limited only by their imagination.
Vanessa Stone - more info
I am a cut paper artist. I trained graduated in textiles and worked freelance for over 20 years designing everything from rugs to wrapping paper and making embroideries and banners. From 2006 I started to work wholly with paper. At first I just made single sheet paper cuts but as time has gone on my work has developed to the layered collages.
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