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Workshop Category: Multimedia
Mask making, Puppetry, Collage, Mosaics, Found objects, Environmental art, Kite making.
Suzanna Pye - more info
Plaster of Paris casting. Creating casts of children’s hands using damp sand moulds and plaster of Paris.
Suzie Dafforn - more info
Natural history based sculpture workshops for primary age groups concentrating on making insect forms from clay, wire, beads, foils and metals.
Tony Stallard - more info
4-day site-specific digital manipulation artwork workshops for 6th Form groups using digital cameras and photo manipulation using photoshop computer software. 4-day workshop for 6th Form groups aimed at creating pieces of artwork to compete for an in-school 'Turner Prize'. Students are encouraged to create a piece of art of their own choice at their own free will with any materials limited only by their imagination.
Vanessa Stone - more info
Vanessa is a paper cutting & collage artist. She trained in textiles and has worked freelance for over 20 years designing everything from rugs to wrapping paper and making embroideries and banners. From 2006 she started to work solely with paper. At first, she just made single sheet paper cuts but as time has gone on her work has developed to layered collages.
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