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Workshop Category: Multimedia
Mask making, Puppetry, Collage, Mosaics, Found objects, Environmental art, Kite making.
Melissa Bosio - more info
Infiorata & Gessata workshops creating large scale two dimensional art on the ground based on ancient religious art using wood, flowers and coloured sawdust. Mask making workshops creating paper and card masks and costumes based on ancient ritual.
Michelle Reader - more info
Recycled sculptures and installations. Human figures, animals, monsters, cardboard cities and shadow sculptures. Workshops tailored to suit a variety of age groups and themes.
Ray Brooks - more info
Ceramic sculptures & tiles, mosaics, fire sculpture, giant puppets. A range of workshops covering all aspects of ceramic sculpture, tiles and mosaics including firing and glazes. A workshop concentrating on making paper kilns. A fire sculpture workshop involving making an 'artistic bonfire'. Workshops to construct and animate giant puppets.
Russell Thoburn - more info
I make art made from recycled carrier bags. Artworks can be individual or collectively produced, site specific, two dimensional, sculptures, installation, issues based, in or outdoor, temporary, permanent, minute or massive. Ultimately the medium is a container for expression and ideas.
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