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Workshop Category: Multimedia
Mask making, Puppetry, Collage, Mosaics, Found objects, Environmental art, Kite making.
Jonathan Polkest - more info
Mask Making – A safe & quick method of casting a face using brown paper swatches. These are then used as armatures for the masks. The masks when finished can represent any theme, historical, anthropological or zoological etc Site Specific or environmental art – A selection of sites is allocated to each student group they survey their sites with a check list and a set of tasks. The ideas are then represented by a variety of media and materials and can be performed
Juliana Stoney - more info
Textiles: Tufted rug making using a simple technique - Fabric Collages - Fabric People - Pupils can create a wool figure using plaiting techniques, then dress them. Glass Panels: Pupils can try fusing and slumping techniques. Glass Mosaics: Using scraps and recycled glass. .
Julie Norburn - more info
Mosaic Mural project. From the initial collection of materials to the design and creation of a mural for your school.
Laura Baker - more info
Desktop Movie Making: Learn to shoot, edit, enhance, and store your own desktop movie. Create a home page with a school-centred movie themePhotoshop: Making images for the web. This workshop will consider how one might use many of the ‘ADOBE Photoshop’ image making tools to create images which can be incorporated into websites.Character drawing: Using a variety of media students will learn how to see and draw the model as a personality.
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