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Artist Information : Esther Boehm
Category : Pottery/Ceramics  
Preferred age groups : Primary & Secondary  
Maximum group size :  
Workshop Proposals : Carving using the qualities of the wood or stone as a basis for discovery and dialogue.
Working with ritual and magic, totemic sculpture.
Large scale sculpture in clay, plaster or concrete.
Clay totems
Clay wall
Colour work
Film making  
Qualifications :
1980 - University of Alberta, Canada - BFA in Sculpture
1995 - Media Design, Munich, Germany - Multimedia  
Exhibitions : 2014 - Dannenfels, DE - commission - Sculpture in Lapis Lazuli for childs grave
2011 - Alsenz, DE - Solo exhibition - Sculptures in wood and stone/drawings
2005 - Eggenfelden, DE - Symposium genius loci - Sacrifice, installation of rope suspending papier mache objects
2004 - Munich, DE - Commission - Unusual grave sculpture abstractly expressing partnership
2004 - Velden/Vils, DE - Impressions - Exhibition with my stone sculpture and aerial photos of Klaus Leidorf.
2002 - Munich, DE - Commission - Unusual grave sculpture representing a bird  
Work Experience : 2015 - Summer Academy Gern - 3D design - Dialogue and support with participants leading to individual works across all media.
2012 - Youth Association, Enkenbach - Largely inspired by nature 3D Projects in clay, papier maché and land art were carried out.
2011 - Parish youth group, Muenchweiler - Every story tells of colour - Gestural drawing using story, colour and senses for expression.
2009-10 - Soapstone carving - Visualizing the sculpture within the stone
2005 - Haus International EV, Landshut, DE - My totem animals - Clay totems inspired by stories and images of totem poles.
2004 - Carving Aerated Concrete - PEP! Childrens Assoc. Velden, DE - Contemplating and carving a large block of aerated concrete
2003 - Mixed Media Totems Poles - PEP! Childrens Assoc. Velden, DE - Using a log as a base, animals were modelled using wire and plaster and then painted.  
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