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Artist Information : Marilyn Collins
Category : Sculpture  
Preferred age groups : 8 to 18 year olds  
Maximum group size : 30  
Workshop Proposals : 1) Water feature workshop: Introduction to Londons hidden waterways and where they run in the neighbourhood of the school. Using recycled materials floating sculptures are created and floated on water if this is possible. The sculptures incorporate words which the participants have written in response to the unseen waterways.
2) Figures in Action: Figurative sculpture using brush and various shaped wood donated by tree surgeons. Stakes are driven into the ground as an armature, and wood added using wire, raffia and cable ties to create human or animal forms. This workshop requires some commitment from a teacher/assistant to ensure that health and safety procedures are understood and adhered to. Semi-permanent figures are created
3) Cardboard sculptures: Cardboard boxes are cut, shaped, glued, taped and collaged into sculptural shapes. It is possible for older students to laminate these with jesmonite to create permanent outdoor features like those made at Beavers School.
4) Breezeblock relief sculpture: Sculptural reliefs are modelled and cast. They are mounted onto breezeblocks which can be assembled in a variety of shapes to create a free-standing feature.  
Qualifications :
2003: Creative Mentoring, Collage Arts
1998: NVQ3 Freeform Arts Trust, Placement: Springboard
1997-8: Guest student - Universitat fur Angewante Kunst 1984: BA in Art and Design, Bradford College  
Exhibitions : 2007: Horen ist Sehen Triangle Art Space, Texas
2007: What the Sea Gave up- Cosmogonia, Crete
2007: A Celebration of Selinos nature- Paleochora, Crete  
Location Info : London, South East, East Anglia  
Work Experience : 2002: The Drop - Water feature for The Philosophers Garden, London.
1995-6: Artist in Residence for a Community Centre Garden
2006: Art Matters - Sculpture workshops for the Rodin exhibition.
2006: Wild at Art - Sculpture Communities in Partnership. 2005: Beavers Community Primary School (special needs) Creating sculptures, mobiles and a water feature.
2003: Collage Arts, Hornsey High School for Girls  
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