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Artist Information : Nick Sayers
Category : Sculpture  
Preferred age groups : 8 years upwards  
Maximum group size : 30  
Workshop Proposals : Make a pantograph drawing machine from scrap estate agent signs and plastic bolts. The device can then be used to mechanically enlarge, reduce, mirror and distort drawings. Participants will also be able to use the artists Giant Pantograph to draw miniature body outlines of each other directly onto A4 paper.

Learning outcomes:
Physics/engineering: learn how linkages work.
Maths/Geometry: learn about scaling, similar triangles, fractions/percentages/ratios, distortion, and transformations.
Art/Design: learn how artists and architects used to scale drawings.
Recycling/sustainability: learn how to reuse everyday materials to make art.  
Qualifications :
1994 - University of Brighton - studied wood, metal, ceramics and plastics
1992 - Kent Institute of Art and Design - BTEC General Art and Design  
Exhibitions : 2015 - Brighton Solargraphs - Brighton, UK - Pinhole photography show and workshops
2014 - Psychology of Maths Education conference - Vancouver, Canada - Windsock sculptures, pinhole camera workshops.  
Work Experience : 2015 - Holy Trinity, Crawley - Making pinhole cameras from soda cans
2015 - Longhill School, Brighton - Geodesic, laser-cut lampshade making
2015 - Shoreham Academy - Hyperbolic sculpture made from coffee stirrers.
2014 - Various schools in Brighton - Drawing mini outlines of pupils with Giant Pantograph
2013 - Fleetville School, St Albans - Sculpture and hacky-sack making from Olympic flags.  
For more information, or to check the availablity of Nick Sayers, please use the schools enquiry form