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Artist Information : Alan Revill
Category : Pottery/Ceramics  
Preferred age groups : Primary and Adult  
Maximum group size : 30  
Workshop Proposals : Clay, no mess: first steps and onwards:
Finding out what clay is, what it does when manipulated, and its unique properties that have been established from humanitys earliest days. Imaginative exercises are used to introduce simple techniques such as pinching, rolling, balling, squeezing, imprinting, etc. exploring the clays versatility. Further techniques are then introduced in unusual ways - wedging, hollow forms, leading to joined hollow forms, use of slip, tile-making, and sculptural work based on natural forms. At all times the children are led to delight in the clay and develop an understanding of its importance, value, history, beauty and use.
Children are also shown how to clear up after a clay session, including recycling tips. Results can be displayed when dry and further training can be given on glazing and firing if desired. No kiln required.

Learning outcomes:
Understanding the properties of clay and what it is.
Developing a deeper understanding of its importance in cultures present and past.
Developing links with art forms, history and science (materials which change with heat), and recycling.
Understanding that clay is clean and does not produce mess if used and cleared up correctly.

Jane Bower and Alan Revill work together and are now semi-retired but offer occasional workshops. Please enquire if you would specifically like to book them or similar.  
Qualifications :
1971 - St Martins College, Lancaster studying Education, with Art as main subject: Cert. Ed
1969 - Carlisle Art College: Pre-Dip AD course  
Exhibitions : 2013 - Environmental Art, International School of Bangalore: 3 day course
2010 - Art through History and Science, International School of Bangalore: 3 day course.
2010 - Environmental Art, Faculty of Education: Training day for trainee teachers.  
Location Info : Any considered  
Work Experience : 2015 - AiS commission, English Martyrs Catholic Primary School, Strood: Pastel work, pounce printing and wool stitching
2015 - Magna Carta day - St James, Colchester: Drama and art day with authentic art techniques: ink-making, illuminating, candle-making
2015 - Tapping House Hospice commission, Brancaster Primary School: Ceramic tiles for exterior wall  
For more information, or to check the availablity of Alan Revill, please use the schools enquiry form