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Artist Information : Nick Sayers
Category : Photography/Animation  
Preferred age groups : 8 years upwards  
Maximum group size : 30  
Workshop Proposals : Make a six-month-exposure pinhole camera from an aluminium can, photo paper and everyday materials. The camera can be secured to a tree or drainpipe, facing south at a landscape. Half a year later, you will have a photo of the Suns tracks across the sky as it passes from the winter to summer solstice.

Learning Outcomes: Physics/Astronomy: improves understanding of Earths motion relative to the Sun, between the solstices.
Maths/Geometry: see how the Earths elliptical orbit, set against its inclined rotation, with the Sun projected onto a cylindrical surface, creates a series of sine waves. Art/Design: learn how to reuse everyday materials to make art.  
Qualifications :
1994 - University of Brighton - studied wood, metal, ceramics and plastics
1992 - Kent Institute of Art and Design - BTEC General Art and Design  
Exhibitions : 2015 - Brighton Solargraphs - Brighton, UK - Pinhole photography show and workshops
2014 - Psychology of Maths Education conference - Vancouver, Canada - Windsock sculptures, pinhole camera workshops.  
Work Experience : 2015 - Holy Trinity, Crawley - Making pinhole cameras from soda cans
2015 - Longhill School, Brighton - Geodesic, laser-cut lampshade making
2015 - Shoreham Academy - Hyperbolic sculpture made from coffee stirrers
2014 - Various schools in Brighton - Drawing mini outlines of pupils with Giant Pantograph
2013 - Fleetville School, St Albans - Sculpture and hacky-sack making from Olympic flags.  
For more information, or to check the availablity of Nick Sayers, please use the schools enquiry form