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Artist Information : Brian Curson (AlKamie Theatre)
Category : Photography/Animation  
Preferred age groups : 11 to 18  
Maximum group size : 30  
Workshop Proposals : 1. Creating Virtual Reality Theatre: In this workshop we give a whirlwind, hands-on experiential journey of alKamie’s own creative ‘journey’ in Virtual Reality Theatre. The aim is to look at how physical movement onstage when overlaid with virtual imagery edited cinematically, can create amazing effects onstage. (14 + years)
2. Creating Virtual Reality Theatre Performances: In this workshop students create performances that utilise Virtual Reality Theatre. Students are encouraged to think creatively as a group, to learn about collaboration, and allow their artistic intentions and the process of creation to guide them in developing a performance. (14 + years)
3. Creating Installations with Virtual Reality Theatre: This workshop is all about putting virtual worlds or environments on real physical forms. It is about juxtaposing the virtual with the real in an imaginative creative manner with an artistic intention or statement embedded in the artwork.
4. Practice as Research in Performance through Virtual Reality Theatre (length preferably 3 or more days)
This workshop specifically explores the process of research through the ‘growing’ of an artwork, whether an installation or a performance. The workshop looks at how the process of creating art can be as valuable as science in learning, discovering and understanding our world.
Qualifications :
2004, MA (Collaborative Arts) Course Module University of Chichester,
1996, Advanced Certificate in Dance Rambert School, Isleworth, London
1994, Dance Foundation Course Kensington Chelsea & Chelsea College, Kensington
1994, Dance Leaders in the Community Kensington & Chelsea College, Kensington
Exhibitions : July-09 Adventures in Movement Festival for Create 09, at The Arcola Theatre, London performance of No Living Room
Nov-08 Chisenhale Dance Space, 25th Birthday celebration, London performance of No Living Room
Feb-06 Transit Station, Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh, UK; live art event with ‘Living Room’ performance
Aug-05 St Claud Arts Festival, St Claud, Charante, France; ‘Short Stories’ performance…
Location Info : London, South East, East Anglia, East & West Midlands  
Work Experience : Nov-09 Lecture Demonstration/ workshop for Theatre of Inspirations, at The Space, Isle of Dogs, London, Day Workshop for professionals and students in Theatre.

Sept-07 (Re)Actor2, Leeds Metropolitan University; presentation of paper 'A Duet of Cyborg and Dancer: Creative Autogenesis' - B Curson & R Stuart 2007
Aug-07 IIAS07, Baden-Baden; presentation of paper 'A Duet of Cyborg and Dancer: Creative Autogenesis' - B Curson & R Stuart 2007, and performance of ‘Living Room’.
Sep-06 Curson is developing our own software ‘a:Live’ through a process of artistic research as practice in performance. a:Live is be based on an ontological paradigm and will be capable of defining classes of choreographic objects and the web of relationships between them that define virtual choreographies.
Sep-06 (re)Actor, Queen Mary College, London; presentation of paper 'Exploring Living Room - Using Complexity Theory to discuss dance set in 3D digital scenography' - R Stuart & B Curson 2006, voted best paper by delegates; publ in ‘International Journal of Performing Arts and Digital Media’ 2:3 (Feb 2007)
Sep-06 DRHA06, Dartington Hall, Devon, UK; presentation of paper 'Exploring Living Room - Using Complexity Theory to discuss dance set in 3D digital scenography' - R Stuart & B Curson 2006 and ‘Living Room’
Feb-06 School of Intermedia Performing Arts (SIPA), Doncaster University, UK; lecture demonstration and ‘Living Room’ performance

Jun-05 Wimbledon School of Art, Merton Hall Road, Wimbledon, UK; lecture demonstation and performance of ‘Rhizomes’
Jun-05 Teddington, Middx, UK; informal showing of ‘Rhizomes’
Jun-05 University College Chichester (now University of Chichester), Bishop Otter Campus, Chichester, UK; final showing of research MA ‘Rhizomes’
Feb-05 De Montford University, Lecture demonstrations and work in progress performance of ‘Rhizomes’
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