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Artist Information : Hedley Griffin
Category : Photography/Animation  
Preferred age groups : All  
Maximum group size : 30  
Workshop Proposals : Animation: Children might wish to have an initial workshop to create the storyline and prepare a storyboard for an animated film. They would then be shown how to create characters, animated drawings and backgrounds. For those who are not confident with drawing may choose to make simple paper puppets with card and paper fasteners/needle and thread for manipulating under the camera as cut-out animation. This project will depend very heavily on what software is available and advice can be given.
Cartoon Drawing: Based on dangers within the home, I would draw a cartoon character on a flip chart, a stage at a time, so that children could then follow making their own drawings to discover how easy it is to draw. To help the children think beyond the obvious I get them to think about the characterís mood, his dressed and what is he doing.
As well as bringing children's attention to this projectís subject it also teaches children about the importance of facial expressions and body language used in cartoon illustration, as well as appreciating the methods used to create animation from a series of still pictures.
Storytelling and Script Writing: The children are introduced to finding a subject for their story and how to put this together. Remembering, a story always begins, has a middle and an end. Other thoughtful tools are used to create the story and help the children to write. The children also need to think about directions and effects with added information describing the scene for the purpose of film-making or illustrating.
Qualifications :
Leicester Polytechnic Degree in Art and Design 1974  
Exhibitions : BBC credits: "Words and Pictures" - "Le Club - Les Adventures de Globo" - "Writing &Pictures" - "Storytime" - titles for "Watch"Channel 4 Schools TV: "Rat-a-tat-tat" - "Arts Cart" - "Maths Mansion" - "Word Machine".  
Location Info : East Anglia, East Midlands, London (within the M25)  
Work Experience : 30 years 2D traditional animation Director.
Providing animation workshop in schools and for Vital Communities. 2003: Self-publishing picture book on child safety and accident prevention. DangerSpot Books Ltd.
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