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Artist Information : Chila Burman
Category : Multimedia  
Preferred age groups : 5 to 16  
Maximum group size : 25-30  
Workshop Proposals : 1. Life size collages with black and white photos-copies using global cultural icons/ decoration pattern and symbols, shapes and textiles from around the world. The outline for the collage is made by drawing around a pupil or teacher. Artist will supply visual cultural material. Collages to be colored in with mixed media art materials (ages 5 to 18).
2. Silkscreen printing using basic hand made stencils onto the textiles. Silkscreen printing drawing directly onto the screen with water-based pastels and printing with eqtender medium, onto paper or fabric + tee shirts. Multicultural designs, results beautiful dynamic textural + unique (ages 11 to adults).
3. Glass Painting directly onto glass - drinking or various vessels. Also glass painting into special A4 acetate boards. Students will be encourage to use cultural global designs e.g. Celtic, Asian, South American + African symbols decoration + patterns which Artist will supply (ages 11 to adult).
4. Workshop aims to explore and celebrate living traditions of Asian Medicine found in different generations of Asians and those with Asian Heritage in the UK. Contemporary and Traditional images from packaging / advertising to Asian Heros will be used to make collages of life size human figures based on Asian Mythology (ages 8 to 18).
Qualifications :
Southport College of Art & Design, Foundation (1979).
Leeds Metropolitan University, BA First Class Hons, Painting, Drawing Printmaking (1982).
School of Fine Art - University College London Post Graduate Slade MA Fine Art Printmaking (1982 1984).
Exhibitions : Commissioned by the Welcome Trust for Mind Body Spirit exhibition at Brunei Gallery London, private collection for the Welcome Trust 2005.- Solo Exhibition 2006 Candy Pop Juicy Lucy - Stephen Lawrence Gallery - Andrew Mummery Gallery Group Show - London 2006
Asian Routes & Remedies with the Welcome Trust & Asia House Educational Project Commission 2006 Syria - Solo Show, British Council 2005.
Location Info : East Anglia, East Midlands, London (within the M25)  
Work Experience : South Camden Community School, London (age 11 -16)
Queens College Harley Street, London (age 13 - 15)
All Saints School, London - Clement Dance School, London - Covent Garden School, London (age 8-11)
Kingsbury High School, Wembley, London (age 11-14)
Parkside Community School Plymouth (age 11-16)
SEEVIC College Essex Residency week (age 15-19)
For more information, or to check the availablity of Chila Burman, please use the schools enquiry form