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Artist Information : Melissa Bosio
Category : Painting/Drawing  
Preferred age groups : Primary (6 to 12 years)  
Maximum group size : 30  
Workshop Proposals : Infiorata & Gessata workshops creating large scale two dimensional art on the ground based on ancient religious art using wood, flowers and coloured sawdust. Mask making workshops creating paper and card masks and costumes based on ancient ritual.

Pavement Painting. Painting and drawing using coloured chalk sticks based on a theme of symbols and patterns.

Story telling through animation. Workshops aimed at making a film animation or puppet show to tell a story based on mythology.  
Qualifications :
Diploma: Social Work and Educational Training - Enaip School, Milan, Italy.

Diploma: Environmental Education and Animation - Brighiera Briantea Park, Meda, Italy.

MA: Set Design - Istituto Europeo di Design, Milan, Italy.  
Exhibitions : Set Design Animation ‘Carnival des Cultures’ - Luxembourg multicultural art meeting, Luxembourg.
Exhibition Set Design ‘Historical Age of African Art’ - Rome, Italy.
Set design workshop ‘Drums in the night’ - Porta Romana Theatre, Milan, Italy.
Set design workshop ‘Fininvest Communication’ - Milan, Italy.
Textile design workshop - Centro di Cultura est-ovest Donskaja, Moscow, Russia.  
Work Experience : Theatre Animator - Various theatres and projects in Milan, Italy.
Environmental Animator - Various parks in Milan, Italy.
Education Animator - School and Community Groups, Milan, Italy.  
For more information, or to check the availablity of Melissa Bosio, please use the schools enquiry form