Artist Run Workshops in Schools

Sarah Doyle
Preferred Age Groups
Maximum Group Size
Workshop Proposals
Collage - Transforming into different characters
Murals stimulated by popular culture using pop music and accompanying images and discussion with the pupils on their idols and their own identity
Education / Qualifications
BA Hons, Interactive Arts - Manchester Metropolitan University
BTEC Foundation, Art - Jacob Kramer College, Leeds
NVQ Desk Top Publishing - Lovell House, Leeds
Work Experience
Art workshops with children at Livesey Museum - on the theme of transformations - Old Kent Road, London
Outdoor mural project with children at the Early Years Centre, Leeds
Outdoor Mural & Pop Kids - Chapletown, Leeds
Greenpeace Exhibition - Under the Hammer, Aberdeen
Eel, Video - Rhythm Factory, Whitechapel, London
Creating and curating the “Hypodermic” exhibition at Leeds City Art Gallery
Residency - Space 99, Air and Space Museum, Manchester
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