Artist Run Workshops in Schools

Melissa Bosio
Preferred Age Groups
Primary (6 to 12 years)
Maximum Group Size
Workshop Proposals
Story telling through animation. Workshops aimed at making a film animation or puppet show to tell a story based on mythology.

Education / Qualifications
Diploma: Social Work and Educational Training - Enaip School, Milan, Italy.

Diploma: Environmental Education and Animation - Brighiera Briantea Park, Meda, Italy.

MA: Set Design - Istituto Europeo di Design, Milan, Italy.

Set Design Animation 'Carnival des Cultures' - Luxembourg multicultural art meeting, Luxembourg.
Exhibition Set Design 'Historical Age of African Art' - Rome, Italy.
Set design workshop 'Drums in the night' - Porta Romana Theatre, Milan, Italy.
Set design workshop 'Fininvest Communication' - Milan, Italy.
Textile design workshop - Centro di Cultura est-ovest Donskaja, Moscow, Russia.
Work Experience
Theatre Animator - Various theatres and projects in Milan, Italy.
Environmental Animator - Various parks in Milan, Italy.
Education Animator - School and Community Groups, Milan, Italy.
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