Artist Run Workshops in Schools

Idit Nathan
Preferred Age Groups
All ages
Maximum Group Size
Workshop Proposals
Lets Play - Theatre Related workshops - Masks, Stages and CostumesThen & Now - Archaeology as a Detective StoryTaking archaeology and local history as a starting point:Digging for Gold - Pupils participate in a 'fake dig' & record, describe & display things they find.Archaeology as Detective Story - Pupils will look at Photos, guess what objects were used for and create stories or sketches about bits of archaeology to reconstruct the whole.
Education / Qualifications
MA Gallery Studies Essex University
MA Theatre Design at Wimbledon School of Art
BA Stage Design in the Faculty of Performing Arts, tel Aviv University
Work Experience
Curated 'Beneath the Surface - The Exhibition' - Archaeological finds exhibited in community sites.
Residency at St Bedes Inter-Church School (Journey in a Box)Scenographer in the UK for 20 productions with leading British Directors & Theatre Companies
Collaboration with Classworks Theatre & Cambridge's Youth Theatre. (including workshops & residencies)
Teaching at Dartington College of Art, De Montford University, Malbank County High School, Southwark College, Wimbledon School of Art (Lectures, workshops, Studio-based projects).
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