Artist Run Workshops in Schools

Bob Race
Preferred Age Groups
All age groups
Maximum Group Size
Workshop Proposals
Hand built forms & tiles. Concentrating on texture and open air firing techniques including smoke firing and raku.
Work Experience
After leaving school, Bob worked in advertising for many years, having a hand in several well-known promotions of the 1970s and 1980s, including the Homepride flour men! In the 1990s Bob returned to pottery, his keenest interest from college, and established himself very quickly, his unique smoke-fired pots joining collections from Cumbria to New York.

Bob has also enjoyed teaching, conveying his enthusiasm for pottery and for the ancient art of smoke firing to people of all ages and abilities and has tutored workshops for primary and secondary school groups, brownie groups, adults with learning difficulties groups and physically handicapped groups.

The techniques employed by Bob Race allow teaching to be tailored to all age groups and also for flexibility in the timing - from a class of several hours to a two-day workshop.
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