Artist Run Workshops in Schools

Bo Lutoslawski
Preferred Age Groups
11 to adult
Maximum Group Size
Up to 25
Workshop Proposals
Introduction to the fundamental aspects of photography, journalism, film, TV and Publishing.
Education / Qualifications
1967 to 71 - The Institute of Films & TV
Lodz, Poland Diploma
The Jagiellonian University, Krakow
Institute of Art History (first class)
Open University (2 year) Design & Technology
1969 to 89 - 11 individual exhibitions of Photography.
12th exhibition in Poland 3 months ago
1985 to 90 - Part of the team for South Bank London, Outdoor Events
Organized exhibitions at Clare College of British painters
Work Experience
1975 to 90 - Lecturer in Art History- Photography and Film
1968 to 69 - Film cameraman
1973 to 90 - Freelance photographer
1990 to 09 - Project engineer electronic assembly
Six books published (all in Polish) "The Perfect Gambler" being most recent - April 2009
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