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Simon Pollock

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Workshop Category: Painting/Drawing
Murals, Illustration, Oil painting, Watercolour, Acrylics, Pastels, Pen & Ink.
Alison Calver - more info
Summary: painting, drawing, 3D and printmaking projects which either isolate the basic elements of pictorial and spatial representation, or have a practical application, or which extend into other disciplines like maths, history, science etc, with an age-appropriate approach. Activities which explore the foundations of visual language, tie in with the national curriculum and any themes the school is working with.
Alison Hullyer - more info
“Quick and imaginative line drawing exercises using charcoal. Printmaking workshops to suit all abilities including mono-printing, poly-printing, lino-printing, drypoints collographs and etchings. Simple wire sculpture.”
Ambrosine Allen - more info
Drawing/Sculpture/ Projection: Offering a wide range of drawing based art workshops that can be tailored to varying themes: paper art activities, large-scale drawing projections and murals.
Anthony Tyley - more info
1. Drawing basics, tone, size and proportion, using blocks, cylinders and spheres. The basic elements of drawing are taught to help the student make their drawings more accurate and solid 2. Drawing from photographs, how to square up and enlarge a photograph, and make a new drawing of any size.
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